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How to Backup a Joomla Site (FREE)

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Taking website backups regularly is one of the most crucial things when it comes to managing a website. In this article, we will learn how to use Akeeba Backup for your Joomla website. Let's keep it brief. We will learn to:

  • Download Akeeba Backup
  • Install Akeeba Backup
  • Create Joomla backup using Akeeba
  • Download the backup to your computer 

Downloading and Installing Akeeba Backup on your Joomla site 

​Firstly we need to download Akeeba Backup from the official website. You'll be provided with a zip file. Installing Akeeba Backup is like installing any other Joomla extensions.

​You'll need to drop the zip file in Extensions > Manage > Install > Upload Package File. This will take care of the installation.

Creating Joomla website backup

​Once you've successfully installed Akeeba Backup. You need to navigate to Components > Akeeba Backup.

​You'll be prompted with the following window.

​Clicking on the Configuration Wizard will configure Akeeba Backup automatically.

​Two ways to take backup (Choose one) 

Method 1 

​As soon as the configuration finishes, you'll be presented with the following screen. Click on Backup Now.

​You'll be presented with a new window asking for backup information. Please be informed, this information is not mandatory, you can skip them if you like. Finally, hit the Backup Now button.

Method 2 

​When you are in the Akeeba Backup Control Panel (Components > Akeeba Backup) you can use the simple One Click Backup option.

​Doing this will automatically create your backup.

Downloading Backup Data 

​When the backup is successfully created, you'll see the following screen appearing. Now click on the Manage Backups button.

​This will take you to the page where you'll find the list of all backups. Now download your desired backup from the list.

​Akeeba Backup is the most trusted backup solution for Joomla users. And the best part is, Akeeba Backup is a completely free (although they offer premium plans) Joomla website backup solution. Stay tuned to know how to restore a Joomla website using Akeeba Backup in a future article.

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