Explanations of different Joomla related topics that matter to you. 

Why Choose Joomla

Joomla vs WordPress: Why Choose Joomla over WordPress?

There has been a long raging debate on whether Joomla or WordPress is the best C...
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Collection of Best Free Joomla Templates

10 Best Free Joomla Templates 2019

​ To build the perfect site, you need a template that ticks off most of your req...
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Joomla System Information

What is Joomla System Information Section and Why Should You Care

​The beauty of using Joomla lies in the way things are organized in this CMS pla...
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What are Joomla Components, Modules and Plugins

What are Component, Module, and Plugin in Joomla?

Joomla is one of the most vibrant and suitable content management systems when i...
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