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3 Best Optimized Joomla Hosting Providers

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Best Joomla Optimized Hosting

Online connectivity is no longer an option if you want to grow your business, eCommerce site or any creative sites. Building a professional and attractive site is the way to go to build trust with your customers. Joomla is a Content Management System (CMS) built to make sure you get an entire system to build your site. With Joomla, the technical part is so minimal that you can manage and publish content without any coding. Obviously, to have a great site, you need to choose a great Joomla hosting provider. So, today we list 3 best optimized Joomla Hosting Provider for you.

Things to Look for in Joomla Hosting Services

​Since you have already chosen Joomla as your preferred CMS, you need to find Joomla hosting providers that are optimized specifically for Joomla. Here's a thorough checklist you might want to look at before you decide to go for a Joomla Hosting service provider.

  • Complete Joomla compatibility

This one is pretty obvious. Some hosting providers might claim they are compatible with Joomla. But you need to see if they truly support Joomla hosting. Servers that run MySQL, Apache, PHP will definitely support Joomla hosting.

  • OneClick Joomla Installation/ Joomla Installer

Joomla hosting service providers offer the option to install in just a few clicks. This is a blessing for people who don't have much technical knowledge.

  • Several Databases

Having multiple databases can be a true blessing for the perfect Joomla hosting service. Test out improvements & developments on one database instead of using the live database.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

Make sure your Joomla hosting provider has 24/7 customer support. There might be circumstances where you need immediate assistance from Joomla Hosting provider. So definitely go for a Joomla hosting provider with great support.

  • Reliable Infrastructure

A reliable infrastructure is a must when looking for your Joomla hosting provider. If you're hosting server doesn't have a great infrastucture it hampers site performance. 

Joomla Hosting Myths 

A lot of promises might be made by your Joomla hosting provider that may lead to disappointment in the future. Know about things you should be aware of when looking for a Joomla hosting provider.

  • Know what Unlimited truly means

The unlimited package doesn't literally mean unlimited. Once you truly start using the unlimited package you'll know what the limitations of it hold. So do thorough research on facts like disk space, bandwidth, and other stats before choosing a Joomla hosting service.

  • Don't believe everything on the net

While reviews are a great way to judge products, they might be affiliated reviews. Go through user comments and authentic reviewers before making a judgment.

To make your job a little easier, we have researched a lot of the Joomla hosting providers out there. Out of them, we have picked the top 3 Joomla hosting providers that power up your Joomla site. Keep in mind that we are not affiliated with any Joomla hosting providers on this list. So the list is completely unbiased and based completely on our experience.

Best Optimized Joomla Hosting Providers 

SiteGroud is the leading innovator when it comes to Joomla hosting services. They have a complete package of amazing features like free Cloudflare CDN, unlimited MySQL databases and bandwidth and cPanel with SSH access. Not to mention they do it at an affordable price tag. They provide custom solutions to further user experience. Their customer support is infamous for their service. They provide superior scalability and security. They have a special mechanism to reduce downtime making their uptime upto 99.999% monthly and 99.996% yearly.

Key Features:

  • 1-click install & completely free transfer of site
  • Auto-updates to Joomla core and extensions
  • Daily backups, SSL, email & CDN for FREE
  • Official Hosting partner of the Joomla project
  • Secure & reliable
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